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Why Ed Brown

Our Manufacturing Philosophy
Ed Brown firearms are engineered, machined, and handcrafted for performance under the supervision of the Brown family. At our company, it's all about the product. We strive to make the very best high grade, high performance firearms, at a reasonable price and delivery, using our own innovative designs, superior components, and old fashion hand craftsmanship.

Making the right decision about a high-end firearm is not easy. There are many competitors offering a slew of choices. You make the right choice by picking the manufacturer whose philosophy best fits your needs. Our firearm manufacturing philosophy rests on 3 pillars, upon which we have built our 40 years of success.

Engineered for performance
Engineering consists of the design of the product, and the materials specification. The Brown family is well-known for their innovation and excellence in engineering designs of superior performance. We broke all the rules, and originally conceived and CAD/CAM designed each model to be a complete custom firearm. Every part on our firearms has been redesigned, enhanced, or more closely toleranced for one thing: Performance. Only the finest materials are called for to meet our engineering specifications. In most cases this means forgings, or pre-heat treated steel for precision machining.
Each model firearm consists of a specific configuration. Years of experience and testing have gone into these specific configurations, each having been extensively tested under a wide variety of conditions to ensure performance. Our handguns are used in competition, carry, on the range, and for home protection by thousands of people, many of them law enforcement professionals and industry experts. If you will depend on your firearm as a serious tool, you don't have the luxury of experimentation. You need to know that your firearm has been proven in the field with a strong track record. We feel there is only one way to reach perfection and attain confidence in a firearm's reliability, and that is to build many guns exactly the same and test them extensively under a variety of conditions over time. This provides the highest degree of confidence and reliability attainable.

Precision machined in America
We've invested millions in state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing technology specifically for the firearms industry. Housed inside our 17,500+ square foot facility, you find the latest in horizontal machining centers, swiss type turning machines, precision broaching, and fine polishing equipment. It is this investment of resources that has made us one of the leaders in the field, and will keep us at the leading edge in the future. While competitors either outsource to the cheapest bidder, or buy generic mass market components that are readily available, the Brown family refuses to compromise their quality and control. All of the main components in our firearms are manufactured in-house on CNC machinery by Ed Brown Products, under direct supervision of the Brown family. This means that we have virtually complete control over the quality and delivery of the final product. None of our competitors can match this claim.

Hand-crafted to perfection
Often it's the little things that make the difference. The Brown family has built a reputation for the highest degree of quality firearm craftsmanship. The philosophy of most manufacturing companies is to make "good enough" parts that are interchangeable, and use cheap labor to assemble them with no hand finishing. Ed Brown firearms are different, and it shows. We go that extra mile by putting more hand fitting and finishing into our firearms than any other manufacturer, resulting in some of the most attractive firearms available anywhere at any price. It's another thing that separates an Ed Brown firearm from the rest. Each firearm is carefully finished and inspected by one of the Brown's before it leaves our facility. Other's say they've got it, but all you have to do is compare.

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