Extractors, Firing Pins, Ejectors & Sights

Steel Extractors
One of the most common causes of malfunction in the 1911 pistol is a poor extractor. Install one of these and eliminate feeding/extraction problems before they start. Fully machined from aircraft quality heat-treated 4340 alloy steel bar stock for long wear and extra strength. Guaranteed for life against breakage.

Steel Extractors
1301 Extractor, 45ACP 70 Series Blue $29.95 <>
1302 Extractor, 45ACP 80 Series Blue $29.95 <>
1303 Extractor, 38 Super, 9mm 70 Series Blue $29.95 <>
1304 Extractor, 38 Super, 9mm 80 Series Blue $29.95 <>
1300 Extractor, 40S&W, 10mm 70 or 80 Series Blue $29.95 <>

1911 Firing Pins
Factory firing pins are often weak and subject to failure. These top quality firing pins are precision turned from heat-treated tool steel. Proper weight for positive ignition with heavy duty springs and any type primer. Usable with all 1911 type pistols including Colt Series 80 and 70. Springfield 38 Super and 9mm slides use the oversize diameter pin for heavy loads. At present we are the only manufacturer making the correct size pin for the Springfield 38 Super slides. All Ed Brown, Baer and newer Caspian slides use the 38 Super firing pin, Part #825. If you are unsure which pin you need, measure the diameter near the tip where the pin strikes the primer and compare to the listings.Ed Brown firing pins have a LIFETIME guarantee against breakage. The 825-T is precision turned from titanium, and hardened for maximum tensile strength and increased shock-resistance. Light weight titanium makes for faster ignition by lowering lock time.

1911 Firing Pins
824 Firing Pin, 45ACP 70 or 80, .090 pin diameter $7.95 <>
825 Firing Pin, 38, 9mm, 10mm 70 or 80, also any Brown, Baer, or Caspian slides, .065 pin diameter $7.95 <>
825-T Titanium Firing Pin, 38, 9mm, 10mm 70 or 80, also any Brown, Baer, or Caspian slides, .065 pin diameter $19.95 <>
826 Firing Pin, 38, 9mm Springfield, .075 pin diameter $7.95 <>

Firing Pin Stop
A high tolerance heat treated alloy steel firing pin stop for all 1911 pistol types. Made to max tolerance on width for a snug fit with the extractor. For Series 70, will fit 80 series guns with slight modification. Guaranteed for life against breakage.

Firing Pin Stop
820 Firing Pin Stop Blue $12.95 <>
820-S Firing Pin Stop Stainless $12.95 <>

Extended Ejectors
One thing you will definitely need in building a reliable pistol is an extended ejector. Essential insurance against failed ejection. Made from heat treated 4140 alloy steel. Requires minor fitting.

Extended Ejectors
1305 Extended Ejector 45 ACP Blue $26.95 <>
1306 Extended Ejector 38 Super, 9mm, 10mm Blue $26.95 <>

Cross Dovetail Front Sight
The best dovetail front sights available. Dependable low mount fixed sights for all types of 1911 pistols. Rounded rear corners designed for smooth carry. Makes for an outstanding sight picture. 65 degree dovetail, .330 base, .075 depth, .180 sight height. Sight locks in place securely with a single roll pin. No more hammering or swaging. Can be installed to work with any rear sight.

Ed Brown front sightsEd Brown fiber optic front sight
Ed Brown gold bead front sight
1624 Front Sight Cross Dovetail, .180 Height Plain Black Ramp $21.95 <>
1620-180 Front Night Sight with Tritium Dot, .180 Height Tritium Dot Ramp $59.95 <>
1620-FIBER Fiber Optic Front Sight, .180 Height Includes Red and Green Rod Ramp $44.95 <>
1620-ROD-GREEN Fiber Optic Replacement Rod, .060 (1.5mm) dia 1.25" Pack of 3 Green $8.95 <>
1620-ROD-RED Fiber Optic Replacement Rod, .060 (1.5mm) dia 1.25" Pack of 3 Red $8.95 <>
1620-GOLD Gold Bead Front Sight, .180 Height Gold Bead Ramp $74.95 <>

Ed Brown Adjustable Rear Sight
These adjustable sights are identical to the old original Bo-Mar adjustable sights, which are no longer available. They are made to withstand the shock of service ammunition, with rugged, dependable features designed to please the competitive pistol shooter. Works perfect with our #1624 front sight. We recommend installation by a competent gunsmith. Available in blue only. Beware of the cheap copies being marketed for less. These are the highest quality and tightest tolerances available. Fully adjustable for both drift and elevation. Engraved "ED BROWN" on the side. Notch width is approximately 0.115. Dovetail is 60 degrees x 0.359.

Ed Brown adjustable rear sight
954 Ed Brown Adjustable Rear Sight $75.95 <>
955 Ed Brown Adjustable Rear Night Sight, 2 dot tritium inserts. $119.95 <>

Ed Brown Fixed Rear Sight
Superior for concealed carry and abusive use. The Ed Brown fixed sight has slightly rounded edges so it won't snag on clothes or holsters, and a rebated blade for glare free shooting. Requires machining for correct installation. The night sight has tritium inserts with high visibility white outlines. Notch width is approximately 0.115. Dovetail is 65 degrees x 0.495.

Ed Brown fixed sight
LMC 01 Fixed rear sight, plain black $36.95 <>
LMC 03 Fixed rear night sight, tritium inserts with white outline $98.95 <>

Glock Front Sight Installation Tool
The Glock front sight is held on with a screw. Neat idea, but up until now there was no way to get to it. If you own or work on Glock's, you need this tool! This specially designed tool will slip into the many types of magnetic screwdrivers, and allow a professional installation of the Glock front sight screw. Fits all Glocks. Certain Glocks may require opening the hole in the slide just slightly.

Glock front sight installation tool
952 Glock Sight Tool $19.95 <>

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