Double Diamond Checkered Grips




High performance guns need high performance grips. Laminate grips are stronger and more consistent in pattern and coloring than natural wood similar to that of Cocobolo wood, while G10 is an extremely durable composite material. Checkered in the original diamond pattern. Laminate grips are available in angle cut bottom, flush cut bottom, Bobtail® cut, slim grips, and slim Bobtail®. Slim grips requires special slim bushings and screws, which can also be purchased from us. The standard grip thickness is 1/4″, while the slim grips thickness is 5/32″. The flush cut bottom gives a finished look to guns with magwell housing installed.

These grips are not cut for an ambi safety. If you would like to add an ambi cut, you can add it as an option.

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Gov't, laminate, angle cut bottom, Bobtail®, laminate, Gov't, laminate, flush bottom, Gov't, slim, laminate, Bobtail®, slim, laminate, Gov't, black G10, angle cut bottom, Bobtail®, black G10, Gov't, black desert sand G10, angle cut bottom, Bobtail®, black desert sand G10, Gov't, black desert sand G10, flush bottom, Gov't, black G10, flush bottom