Ed Brown Disconnector, Hammer, Sear & Trigger

Perfection Disconnector
Fully machined from bar stock steel, not cast. The only product of it's kind. The strongest available, and heat-treated for long life and extreme service use. Machined surfaces are finely finished and dimensionally exact. Designed to work perfectly with our Perfection Sear and Hammer for precise trigger jobs every time. Will work with all 1911 pistols including the Hi-Capacity types.

Perfection Disconnector
811-M Perfection Disconnector $21.95 <>

Barstock Hammer with chamfered edges
Completely machined from barstock, these hammers are guaranteed for life against breakage. Improved design with a beautiful chamfer machined all the way around the outside, and also inside the hole. Commander style spur, finely serrated for positive gripping surface. Sides are narrowed to eliminate drag on slide. Lowered strut pin hole reduces full-cock spring pressure. Hammer hooks precisely machined at 020-.022 perfectly square with sharp corners, ready for light, final stoning. Made from alloy steel or stainless steel, heat treated Rc 52-54. The perfect mate for this hammer is our #874 Perfection Sear.

Ed Brown Hammer
896 Hammer Blue $39.95 <>
897 Hammer Stainless $39.95 <>

Hammer Strut
Our hammer strut has perfected geometry for the longest lasting wear possible. Made of heat treated tool steel, fits all 1911 types. The obvious choice for competition guns and all rebuilds.

Hammer Strut
823 Hammer Strut $7.95 <>

Match Grade Sear
Our standard model high quality sear for any 1911. Machine-cut from 4340 Alloy steel for longer-wearing, cleaner breaking triggers. Assures positive sear/hammer engagement. Required for fine match grade trigger pull jobs. Requires small amount of hand fitting to hammer for a perfect trigger pull. We recommend our special sear jig #951 for this purpose.

Match Grade Sear
812 Sear $21.95 <>

Ed Brown Perfection Sear
Computer designed and fully machined from top quality bar stock for the perfect profile. Recommended as a perfect fit with our Hammer #896 and #897 for the best trigger pull possible with the least amount of hand labor - no jigs necessary. Hammer contact angle already prepped ready for your favorite clearance angle. Specs: 4340 tool steel, heat treated to 50 Rc.

Ed Brown 1911 Perfection Sear
874 Perfection Sear $32.95 <>

Sear Jig
The one jig you need for the 1911 sear. A larger, rounded design fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. Packaged with .020 shim and complete instructions that cover every detail of the 1911 trigger job, along with many helpful hints to get the job done right. Made from stainless steel for a rust free life on your bench.

Sear Jig
951 Sear Jig $49.95 <>

Ed Brown Trigger
The classic three hole design long trigger made from strong yet lightweight aluminum, with heat-treated steel bow. Manufactured in-house by Ed Brown. Finely serrated pull surface for better feel and control. Includes stainless steel adjustable overtravel set screw. Slightly oversize in height for precise hand fitting to your frame. Available for single stack frames only.

Ed Brown trigger
1001 Three Hole Long Trigger for single stack frame $21.95 <>
1001-SOLID Solid Long Trigger for single stack frame $21.95 <>
1001-SHORT Solid Short Trigger for single stack frame $21.95 <>

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