Evolution Series


evo·lu·tion | \ˌe-və-ˈlü-shən

the gradual development of something into a more complex or better form







Is the KC9 California approved?
The most common question we received about the new Ed Brown KC9 was, “is it CA approved?”. The simple answer is no, it is not, and will not appear on the CA roster.

However, the KC9 upper is available as a “retro” option. This means you can have the KC9 upper installed on your CA Ed Brown Kobra Carry, which will transform your gun into a KC9. You can even swap back to your 45 ACP upper easily, effectively having a dual caliber pistol.

The only requirement is that you own a CA approved Ed Brown Kobra Carry, and you are willing to send it back to us under our Basic Service Package, to get the EVO KC9 upper installed. The firearm can then be shipped directly back to your home.

Find out more about the KC9 Conversion.

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