by Jason Knight

In collaboration with the craftsmen at Winkler Knives USA and designed by renowned bladesmith Jason Knight, we are pleased to introduce the Ed Brown K1 fixed blade knife.

Award winning Master Bladesmith Jason Knight’s designs are highly sought after for their practical construction and superior fit and finish. This high-performance fixed knife is no different, bringing you all the same qualities that Jason Knight's knives are known for.

The Ed Brown K1 is ideal for tactical or outdoor use, and features a sculpted Micarta handle with unique "Snakeskin" scallops, and hand ground and sharpened Carbon steel blade. Extremely rugged, and durable, the 80CrV2 carbon steel blade will hold up to extreme use, and features a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance.

Hi, my name is Jason Knight I am a master bladesmith and designer of edge tools and weapons. This knife is the first knife I've designed for Ed Brown pistols.

It is an overall field knife. And what I mean by that is that the design and shape of it, the size of it, the blade geometry, every little aspect of this design is incorporated so that you can carry it out when you go into the woods or anywhere out boating, it doesn't matter where you take it. This knife is good for overall usage. Some of the design features that I put on this knife, I wanted to use some aspects from the pistol and incorporate it into the design of the knife. One of them is the pattern on the handle. This is modeled after the Kobra Carry. This pattern is lasered onto the handle so you get a little bit of extra grip and it looks really good.

The other part is the guard right here - so I modeled this after the skeletonized hammer that's on the 1911 pistol. It makes for a good look and gives you a little purchase for your finger.

This is the Ed Brown field knife that I've designed for Ed Brown pistols.


The first choice in custom handguns.


Blade Steel: 80CrV2
Blade Length: 4 5/8"
Blade Thickness: .205
Handle Material: Black Micarta
Overall Length: 9 1/2"

Includes a hand molded leather sheath. We recommend a light coating of oil on your cutting edge to prevent corrosion

About Winkler Knives
Winkler Knives manufactures a diverse line of high performance edged tools. It was established in response to requests from within the SOF Community for specialized breaching tools and has become widely acclaimed for its no frills approach to tactical and rescue operations.

About Jason Knight
Considered one of the top fixed blade makers in the world, Knight specializes in heavy duty tactical bladeware. He is also an avid shooter and outdoorsman. For two seasons, he was one of the features judges on History Channel's "Forged in Fire" TV show. We are very excited to be working with Jason this project. A few of his most recent awards are listed below.
2017 Best Knife Collaboration of the Year – Fox Knives and MK Ultra; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
2012 Best Bowie; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
2010 Battle of the Bladesmith Champion – ABS Great Smokey Mountain Symposium
2008 BLADE Handmade Award for Best Bowie; Blade Magazine
2008 Bill Moran Award; American Bladesmith Society