Non-Ed Brown Service


Here you will find the installation services we offer for non-Ed Brown 1911's. The prices shown are estimates for labor only (part price not included), and subject to revision after in-house evaluation of your 1911. If any prices or selections must be revised, we will get your approval before we proceed. Payment is due when the work is completed, at which time we will contact you, and get your approval to return ship. For estimated turnaround, please see the Current Wait Times page.

Please note, we work on blue or stainless only, no aluminum. No special finishes of any type can be accommodated, such as parkerizing, hard-chrome, or any type of coating. We offer parts installation services only, as shown on the form below. We don’t offer custom machining, such as checkering your frame, or gunsmithing services for guns that don’t work.

Download and print the Non-Ed Brown Service Form.

Non Ed Brown Service






Use the search box in the header of our website to enter the relevant part numbers found on the form. In this way you can learn about each part available, and circle your choice on the form, or write in the part number.

Next, add the Non-Ed Brown 1911 Round trip shipping label to your cart, and checkout. If you are only getting sight work done, we only need the slide, and you can purchase the Slide Return label instead.

Include the completed order form in the box, and follow the shipping instructions that are provided with the email label. It is that easy!