Custom Target Rifle 308 Win #7 Barrel


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Precision target rifle built from all new components by the finest craftsmen and Ed Brown Products. Based on an all new Remington 700 action, brought to exact tolerance, then fitted with a Shilen #7 SELECT MATCH heavy contour stainless steel target barrel, 1-10″ twist for any 30 caliber bullet up to 200 grain. Chambered to minimum tolerance in 308 Win with the M-852 Match reamer. Then solidly bedded in the most popular McMillan A-5 stock molded in Olive, with black and tan swirls, fitted with a Pachmayr Decellerator pad and three sling swivels. Trigger Tech 1-3.5 pound pull trigger has a crisp, easily adjustable pull. The best Badger trigger guard and detachable AI magazine is fitted and a Nightforce Picatinny scope base tops it all off. Bipod not included.