OEM M&P® 2.0™ 9mm 4.25″ C.O.R.E™ Pro Series® Slide


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A new, factory OEM upper for the M&P® 2.0™ 4.25″ 9mm. C.O.R.E.™ Pro Series®. Competition Optics Ready Equipment includes Optics Mounting Kit for mounting various optics. Tall white dot front and rear sights. Includes all upper components except barrel (recoil spring assembly is included).

M&P® Pistol C.O.R.E. Adapter Plate and Screw Reference
Mounting Plate 1: Trijicon® RMR, use #6-32 screws provided by Trjicon
Mounting Plate 2: Leupold® Delta Point (use screw type B), J-Point™ (use screw type D)
Mounting Plate 3: Docter®, use screw type C
Mounting Plate 4: C-More® STS, use screw type A
Mounting Plate 5: Insight™ MRDS, use screw type C
Mounting Plate 6: Leupold® Delta Point Pro, use screw type E
Mounting Plate 7: Nikon® Spur, use screw type B