TRADE-UP TERMS AND CONDITIONS *Quotes of estimated trade-up price are ESTIMATES ONLY, and based on the information you provide to us on the form.
*A quote is made FINAL (converted to an order acknowledgment) and submitted to you in writing, ONLY after a physical evaluation of your 1911 at our facility.
*FINAL offers may be adjusted based on the physical evaluation, and the accuracy and completeness of the information you provided to us on the Trade-up form. You always retain the final decision on whether to accept or reject our FINAL offer. We make every effort to provide you a firm quote of the estimated trade-up price, based on the information you provide on the Trade-up form.
*In the event we have to lower a FINAL offer from the original quote, AND you reject the FINAL offer, you are responsible for the return shipping/insurance costs of $50. This is a rare occurance, provided the information you submit is accurate and complete.
*FINAL offers are redeemable as trade-up credit only, not for cash. Your written approval is required to accept a FINAL offer.
*Once accepted in writing by you, a FINAL offer is not refundable.