Customer Testimonials


I just want to say I received my Kobra Carry back today and was blown away by the quality of the work as well as the very fair pricing you gave me. Once again I know I have not only purchased the highest quality firearm, but also the best after the sale warranty and team of professional that will take care of my Kobra Carry for life. I own several high end 1911 pistols and have experience with most of the manufacturers at one time or another over the years. Your treatment far exceeds what I received from all the others by far!!! Again thanks for everything.
Tom Lantrip

You guys are great to deal with and I am hoping to add another Ed Brown to my gun safe this year. Thanks again for making such a fine product and backing it up with outstanding service!
Curt Caserta, Rhode Island

You all are amazing! It is hard to describe quality, it is simply felt, this gun points/handles almost intuitively. It also dissassembles like a dream. is smooth, and is simply 100% first class.
Drew DeJong, Spring, TX

I just received my Special Forces Carry and words cannot express the master crafsmanship of this weapon. I'm a retired police officer and have taught firearms training at two different police academies. As a long-time firearms instructor I've had the opportunity to shoot many different types of pistols, and the Ed Brown is the best by far. I think I would have paid double for this level of quality. Thank you for making the finest handgun ever made!
William J. Rehmann, K-9 Police Officer (retired)

I am a patrol sergeant with a local police department since 1975 and carry a 1911 as a duty weapon. Over those years I have purchased stock, semi-custom, and full custom 1911s, some costing as much as $4,000. I recently purchased an Ed Brown Kobra. I have to say to you this is the most well put together, accurate 1911 I have ever owned. Not to mention very pleasing to the eye! Thank you for building the ultimate 1911 platform in my opinion. It is now my duty and off duty gun. It never leaves my side.
Sgt. Albert Shear, Bowling Green, VA

I received my third Ed Brown this past Friday I also have a Special Forces Carry and Special Forces. The Light Rail arrived in perfect condition just like my other two and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does it look superb, but just like my other two it performed flawlessly “out of the box”. I shot 115 rounds through it this past Saturday using the 8-pack magazine and three other brands. The Special Forces Light Rail proved to be very accurate with all three types of ammunition used. Thanks so much for producing some of the best 1911s on the planet. Now I need to collect the Kobra set!!
George A. Hawthorn, Lonoke, AR

I wanted to send an email to tell you how impressed I am with my new Ed Brown Special Forces 1911. Numerous brands of 1911's have entered my gun safe over the years and many rounds have been fired down range through them. I thought that I had fired some excellent guns until I shot my Ed Brown the first time. This gun has a trigger that is by far unsurpassed and the accuracy is completely outstanding!!! You guys do an awesome job and I just wanted to provide you my feedback. Thank you for providing top-quality firearms and keep up the great work!
R. Mack Adams, Newport, IN

Five months ago I purchased your Kobra Carry California model and I have shot just under 1,000 rounds in the pistol without any failures of any kind. I have owned 45’s since 1970 and all were brand name production weapons that gave me shot groups of 3 to 3.75 inches. I got used to these large groups and was satisfied with how these production pistols performed. That is until I got your Kobra Carry. I have shot 1.75 inch groups consistently with the Kobra and have produced more keyhole shot groups with this pistol than any other gun that I have owned.
Further, to say that I am impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship that went into producing this pistol comes nowhere close to how pleased I am to have finally made the investment to purchase one of your firearms. Please know that there was not even one minute of buyer’s remorse about my purchase. The moment I picked up the gun from the dealer I knew I had made the right decision to go with an Ed Brown Kobra Carry. I wish I could say the same about some of the other 45’s that I have purchased in prior years. My only regret is that I should have made this investment years ago then perhaps today I would own two of your pistols. Please accept and extend my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for crafting a truly outstanding pistol.
Bill Fujii

Picked up my custom Special Forces pistol today, all I can say is WOW!!! Could not have been better!!!! PLEASE thank everyone involved. I know you all get these thank you letters all the time, but you all took the time to craft this awesome tool so the least I can do is tell you how much I like it and how happy I am with the end result. Your fan for life!
Todd Brooks

I am an active duty Marine Captain nearing the end of my active service. As an "end of service" gift to myself I decided on a Ed Brown Special Forces Light Rail. I have always been a 1911 fan and have owned others over the years but this is my first Ed Brown. The classic look, excellent quality craftsmanship and small parts combined with a reasonable price point made my decision easy. I have just returned from the range after firing 450 rounds without any malfunctions with no cleaning involved. I would thank to thank Mr. Brown and the whole Brown team for producing such an outstanding product. This is money well spent and I doubt this will be my last Brown 1911.
Semper Fi, Capt Richard Rhoades, USMC

Went out and shot my other two unfired Ed Brown 1911's yesterday for the first time. One was a Kobra Carry, and the other was a Special Forces Rail. I have yet to ever experience a failure of any kind with any of my 3 Ed Brown's. I am continually amazed with the quality of your firearms. I am looking forward to getting the last one back with the customizations you are adding to it. Just wanted to show my support, you have a fantastic company and product. The next thing I am looking for is one of the Molon Labe editions.
James S. Bowen

I just received my first Ed Brown Special Forces. I field stripped my pistol and have never in my life seen such craftsmanship!!! This pistol is amazing! Everything is absolutely perfect in all respects and I am just without words! I have owned 20+ automatic handguns and nothing compares to your product! I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am! I will never own anything but a Ed Brown! My next firearm is going to be the Classic Custom and I can't wait! Once again, thank you for providing the public with such a firearm and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You are by-far in a CLASS of YOUR OWN!!! I just can't get over this firearm! Thank you!
John M. Howard

The Kobra Carry is by far the finest handgun I have ever owned (and at 53 years of age I have had quite a few). The fit and finish, operation, accuracy, crisp trigger, are all outstanding. About 600 round of ammo through it with no malfunctions of any kind. I can carry this gun with confidence knowing that it will perform for me each and every time. Thank you for producing such a fine firearm, I am very proud to own one.
Phillip M . Hess, Sarasota, FL

I am a proud Ed Brown owner, I have had the gun for about a year, and have approximately 1000 rounds through it. The gun has been completely flawless, It has functioned perfectly. The next 1911 I buy will come from you, without a doubt. Thanks for a great gun, and keep 'em comin!

I would like to express my gratitude for the professionalism your company displayed in handling my once-in-a-lifetime custom 1911 acquisition. All individuals in your company I had an opportunity to speak with were in all respects very knowledgeable and accommodating. I am in the banking business; I know what that should look and feel like. You have a fine company, a fine product, and fine reputation, and I am very happy and proud to have purchased your product.
John Cantu, Colorado Springs, CO

I have to say I have never been even close to so impressed with a firearm in my life. The finish, craftsmanship, feel of the action are phenomenal. I'll be getting more of these from you guys in the future I'm sure. It was well worth it.
Chris Frighelis

After 38 years of shooting, former law enforcement, tournament shooter and NRA instructor, the Ed Brown Kobra is the finest semi-automatic I have ever fired. The Kobra on two range sessions digested 400 hundred rounds of 230 grain Magtech, 200 rounds of 230 grain reloads and 50 rounds of 230 grain Golden Saber function was 100% with all loads. The Kobra's first magazine fired all but 1 round in the same whole obviously the shooter not the gun. I want to thank you for making such a fine quality weapon and the only thing I wish you had an option for white dot sights due to my old eyes do not see night sights very well.
Steve Bush

Thanks for making such an incredibly outstanding pistol, I feel fortunate to own one.
Carey Erwin, Las Vegas, NV

I want to just drop a quick note to let you know how extremely pleased I am with my new Molon Labe. I have had it for about seven weeks now and have put about 1100 rounds through it. It is my 3rd Ed Brown and about my 14th 1911 and it has quickly taken over the spot of my favorite, even over my totally custom built one. Its fit, finish, trigger pull...everything is just perfect. I LOVE IT ! I will continue to preach that the 1911 is still the best combat handgun design to date and that Ed Brown makes the finest 1911s on the market, bar none. Thanks again!
Jim Oliveri, G.A.T. Guns

Just wanted to let you know I have been very happy with the Executive Carry I bought new 10 years ago. I decided to go with EB not only because of the product quality, but also because I shared EB's philosophy. I wanted to say keep up the good work. The quality you have served up is superb. Thanks again!
Andrew L. Fishman

I recently purchased a Kobra Carry and wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with the product. I have been to the range twice and the pistol is an absolute joy to shoot. The action is flawless and the accuracy exceeded my expectations. I expect to be ordering another pistol in the next 12 months. Well done!!
Mike Gordinier

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and your wonderful product. I have saved for about 5-6 years to order this handgun and was careful to order exactly what I wanted because this may be a once in a lifetime purchase. I am very grateful to have found your company that allows me to order exactly what I want in a 1911. When I received my pistol, I found it to be exactly what I expected. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless, and I both thank you and commend you on your product. Keep up the good work, and you will always be highly recommended by me. There are a lot of good 1911 companies these days, but I have yet to see one that even comes close to Ed Brown. Your products are head and shoulders above any other that I have seen.
Det. Cameron Peterson, Show Low Police Dept., Show Low, AZ

I bought a Kobra Carry from you and I am very pleased with the gun. My first two shots at 25 yards were touching each other...I could hardly believe my eyes. A friend of mine bought another companies supposedly top end 1911 and he has had nothing but trouble with it, your guns are the BEST! Keep up the good work.
Mike Schmidt

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new Kobra Carry. Been shooting for more than 35 years and have owned more 100 different guns. Your gun is by far the best shooting and highest quality gun I have ever had the pleasure to own. I'm sorry I've waited so long, better late than never.
Bob Earle

I just received my second Ed Brown 1911, a Classic Custom S/S. As I indicated in my email on March 14 when I received my Special Forces Carry, I may have a difficult time just owning one. Thanks for a second great weapon. I fired the Classic Custom today for the first time today and just finished cleaning it. Functions great! Please pass-on my thanks to your staff and special thanks to Justin for his assistance in this latest purchase.
Gene Sandridge

I took delivery of my pistol yesterday and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Every thing about it is exactly as I had ordered it. The fit and finish were above my expectations. I had a chance to fire about 100 rounds through it upon delivery and am very satisfied with the accuracy of the handgun right out of the box. Job well done! I also wanted to thank you for your customer service. You lived up to your statements on customer satisfaction. If any of my friends or shooting acquaintances have an interest in a high quality 1911 I will direct them to Ed Brown Products feeling confident that they will receive the same quality and customer service that I did. Thank you very much for a exceptional job!
Craig Beard

I've been a shooter my entire life and have shot many firearms over the years. I did my research, saved my money, and then set out on my search to local gun shops to purchase the perfect 1911. When I got to the store and held each of the manufacturer's pistols side by side, there was absolutely no question I'd be purchasing an Ed Brown 1911. The understated elegance, quality, and craftsmanship was unparalleled. When I fired the pistol for the first time, I was even more impressed. I've never been so impressed and so willing to pay for quality. I also instantly knew this would not be the last Ed Brown pistol I would buy.
Thank you for building a pistol that I can keep with pride and confidence. Thank you for building a pistol that raises the bar on quality and dedication to excellence. I have 5 sons that I'm raising to be men. Your pistols are a legacy I will give to them as a reminder of their heritage, their family, and their responsibility to uphold and protect their rights as United States Citizens.
Colin Shreffler, Castle Rock Firearms Training, Castle Rock, CO. NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun Instructor, Range Safety Officer

If I had to keep just one gun out of my handgun collection, it would be yours.
Richard H. Ralston

I recently purchased an Ed Brown Special Forces Carry 1911 and I am very pleased with my purchase. The gun functions perfectly. I want to thank you and your staff and especially Justin for his assistance with my questions as I tried to decide which 1911 to purchase. I have fired the gun a number of times and last night I cleaned the gun for the first time. I had watched the video Justin has on the internet and it proved very helpful. It would have been difficult for me to perform without the assistance of the video. Thanks for a great product and the support you and your staff provide to your customers. I may have a difficult time just owning one!
Gene Sandridge

Just fired 100 rounds through my new Ed Brown and it's absolutely one of your finest. What a pleasure that you and your crew continue to produce THE finest handguns available. Owning an Ed Brown makes a guy feel he has purchased something special.
P.S. This is my 6th Ed Brown.
Ken Sabo

Today I received my special order Special Forces Commander from you. This is my third Ed Brown and will not be my last. As always the wait was short and worth every minute and penny. Your guns are some of the best I've ever seen. I shot 200 rounds, minutes after I took delivery. Of course, no errors of any kind. I am just so impressed with the quality of workmanship, service and reliability. I can't thank you enough for the craftsmanship and production of one the finest pistols in the world.
Ted Dixon

I recently purchased a five inch stainless Kobra. As an engineer I am very impressed by the machining. As a shooter I am very impressed by the accuracy and reliability. The pistol fits my hand like it grew there. Thanks for a top notch product!
Chuck Lakaytis, Director of Engineering, Anchorage, Alaska

I ordered a Kobra Carry with Gen III coating and fired it today for the first time. I am incredibly satisfied with how well it shot and every aspect of the craftsmanship that went into its manufacture. Thank you!
Albert A. Kruger

I have just purchased the Jeff Cooper 1911. I am a Police/SWAT Officer in California and have been for 23 years. I'm a competitive shooter, hunter, firearms instructor, NRA life member and a big Jeff Cooper fan. Needless to say I use something from Jeff Cooper in every range instruction day. I had to get to the range with the 1911 and was absolutely amazed when I fired it. The first five rounds at 25 yards were in the a one hole group and it has worked flawlessly. I been the envy of my fellow gun enthusiast team members and I carry it regularly. I am 100% satisfied with the weapon, it is one the finest firearms I have ever handled. it is built so well that I even enjoy cleaning it. Great work and thanks!
Douglas Sims, Range master / Armorer, Sunnyvale Police, California

I just shot the finest firearm I have ever handled...and it has your name on it. Here's to many more.
James S. Bowen

I have just received my third Ed Brown 1911, a stainless Executive Elite. As I have come to expect with your 1911 pistols, the fit and finish is superlative and the gun functioned perfectly from the start, shooting 1" groups at 25 yards-- amazing! The Ed Brown 1911 is in a class by itself. I also want to complement your staff. Their knowledge of the product and comittment to customer service adds a great deal to the value of the fine firearms you produce.

Just finished a 5 day defensive handgun course at Front Sight in Nevada during which I used my new Special Forces Carry. I am more pleased than I can say with its performance!
Its amazing accuracy really made the accuracy/speed equation work out in my favor. At one point we tried out eachother's guns, and the reaction to mine was a lot of "wow, this gun is accurate!".
I was originally thinking this gun would be a special occasion carry, but now I have decided that (if Illinois ever gets CCW) it will be my every day carry. Thanks for making me look good!
Arie Friedman, Lincolnshire, IL

Thank you to the makers of the finest firearms in the USA! My sons and I thank you for the quality of your firearms, and entrust our lives and those of our family's in your excellence.
Larry Whitlock

This is my truly first custom pistol and I am very happy with it. I shot about 600 rounds out of it yesterday and had zero issues. Thank you for making a great firearm!
Chris Keefer

I would like to thank you for building a quality 1911. I currently own four Ed Brown models. Your work is unsurpassed as far as I am concerned. I traded a competitors carry weapon to obtain my Kobra Carry. Worth every penny.
Dion Decker

The Executive Elite and the Executive Carry are great and the envy of everyone at the range. I couldn't be happier.
Norman Katz, Delray Beach, FL

I'd like to thank you for your quick shipment. I just received an order I placed last week of a flat mainspring housing, plunger tube, Hardcore sear spring, grip screws, bushings, mag catch and your rebuild kit. After taking the components out of the nice bags I inspected them and was very pleased with the machine work and over all quality. I've mic'd them and everything is spot on. Being an aerospace machinist I can tell you have this down! Again, I am very impressed so far and I plan to make another order here very soon for my 1911 build. I was contemplating machining all my own components but couldn't pass up your products after reading all the more than positive reviews. Keep up the great work!
-Ken Spaulding

I just bought my first Ed Brown pistol, a Special Forces model. I was impressed with the fit, finish, and design. I was equally impressed when I fired it today for the first time. I used two kinds of 230-gr ammo, and five different kinds of magazines, and the gun functioned perfectly with each combination. I plan on carrying the Special Forces concealed as a defensive handgun. It seems perfect for that role. When I buy another 1911, it will be from you guys.
Dave Braunecker, Concord, CA

My search began in earnest for the best 1911 I could buy for pleasure, protection and defense. I looked at all of my options and after actually being able to hold the Special Forces model and compare it to others, there was no comparison. The Ed Brown won out. I shot it yesterday and absolutely love it. Now I want and need to add the Commander to complement the fullsize! Great job and wonderful product!
Ben Flores

I went to the range today and fired my new Special Forces pistol. I am amazed and extremely pleased. I have eight 1911 ACP Pistols made by everyone from Colt onward. I have sold or given some away to my sons. This gun, the Ed Brown Special Forces, is everything in one complete package. It is smooth and it responds well. Everything is flawless. Your gun doesn't need anything out of the box. I could put the rounds where I aimed. Great trigger. You get what you pay for and your product is everything you say it is. It is good to know that there are still some things made in this country that are of the finest quality.
David Jones, Fremont, California

I recently shot my Executive Elite for the first time, the pistol is a work of art and it looks so good that it took me more than 3 months to convince myself to shoot it. Let me just say that it shoots as good as it looks and I could not be happier! You truly build the finest 1911 on the planet! Thank you for that, you have earned a customer for life!
Karl Willis, Cookeville, Tennessee

The "Jeff Cooper Commemorative" is my first 1911 handgun, and it is truly a privilege to own such a superb handgun. I can shoot sub .50 inch groups at 20 yards with it. I can shoot it weak hand, strong hand, both hands, double taps, and it is flawless. I field stripped it after my first trip to the range, using the Ed Brown Bench Reference CD, and I actually did it with confidence, cleaning it well, and oiling it up as recommended, and reassembling it as recommended. Thank You so much, I am planning my next purchases for this year.
Mark Prince, Ottawa, IL

I just received a new Executive Target and I wanted to compliment your organization on the high quality of the gun. It is the most accurate pistol that I have shot in 25 years of target shooting. And, the gun feeds perfectly. I have been so impressed with your products that I have a third Ed Brown on order directly from you. My compliments also to your customer service, you have answered all my questions with great patience. Thanks again for the beautiful products.
Craig Wheeling

First, I wanted to extend my amazement of your company's products. I just bought my first Ed Brown Executive Target, I'm very happy with it. Great pistol! I recently came back from Iraq after a year there. I enjoy my Executive Target 1911 a lot. Thank you for such a great pistol, my next Ed Brown will be the Kobra Carry and the Special Forces. Best regards to all.
Joselito Santos

I purchased my Ed Brown Kobra Carry last month. Since that time, I have fired 200 rounds of Winchester white box and 4300 rounds of 230 gr.JRN hand loads. I have not had one failure to fire or miss feed. The old adage that says "Money can't buy happiness" just isn't true! Thank you!
Bob Wagner

I purchased the Special Forces without the benefit of seeing or handling it in person. I was a bit worried about doing this but took the plunge anyway. This is my third, high-end 1911, and by far the best. I am extremely detail-oriented and anal-retentive, and for the life of me, I cannot find any flaws in either the finish or fitting of parts. It has been tastefully dehorned without losing the classic lines and the slide moves back and forth extremely smoothly. Furthermore, while the bushing is tight, I can remove it without tools. I destroyed two plastic bushing wrenches, and then had to order a metal wrench, to finally remove the bushing off a Les Baer. You have demonstrated that a 1911 can be fit well without being excessively tight. I cannot wait to shoot it.
Greg Hatchett

I am the proud owner of one of your 1911 handguns. At age 53 I have owned several 1911's: Les Baer, Wilson, Colt, and Springfield. Yours is my most recent purchase and is by far my favorite. It has the Gen III coating which is beautiful. Thanks for building my favorite pistol!
Drew DeJong in Spring, TX

Just wanted to let you know we had semi-annual qualifications yesterday and I am still amazed at the accuracy and trigger pull of my full size Kobra. I wouldn't take a ranch in Texas for it. I have never had a malfunction and it shoots everything!
John Waldschlager

I have just got to say that I have owned a stainless steel Kobra Carry for over a year now, and this is the absolute best 1911 I have ever imagined! I have never received so much satisfaction from owning a firearm as it has brought me. Everyone who see's the pistol is in awe by its absolute perfect craftsmanship and accuracy. Please keep up the excellent standard that you have, I will be a customer for life!
Steven Willis

I just purchased a new Classic Custom. It was an agonizing decision for me to choose what finish to order. I changed my mind three times the day I ordered. After seeing and shooting this pistol I plan to own an Ed Brown in all four finishes. You and your team should be very proud of your work. This is the finest pistol I have ever seen. Thanks!
Mark A. Scott

Thanks for the Jeff Cooper Commemorative pistol. It was delivered a month early. The pictures do not do it justice. I put 300 rounds through it yesterday. It is reliable and very accurate. It is also comfortable and comes out of the holster and is able to deliver a quick pair. I like the chain link grip more than I thought I would. In fact, it is more secure than checkering. It was a pleasure dealing with the Browns. Thanks from a happy, satisfied customer.
Mark Fitzhenry

Just placed an order for accessories for my newly acquired Executive Elite which is absolutely the finest firearm I have ever owned in my 55 years!
Tx. R.Lee

Dear Ed & Family,
Last week, I purchased my 5th Ed Brown pistol. I wanted to personally thank you for doing a Limited Edition pistol such as the engraved Class A and say that you have a loyal, lifelong customer in me. It turned out to exceed my expectations. Hats off to the engraver - the work is near perfect! Over the last 3 years I have sold every other non-Brown 1911 I own in favor for a sampling of every pistol line you make. I appreciate you uncompromising attention to detail (near perfection), simplicity and overall design and manufacturing philosophy. In my opinion, you have done more than any other semi-custom maker in advancing the original John Browning design. Hat's off to you, the family and the entire staff for doing what you do so well, expanding your line-up outside of what may be the comfort zone and for making such a wonderful product in the USA!
Mike Pardun, Denver CO

I just wanted to let you know that I received my beloved Executive Carry back, after sending it to you for Gen III finish. You did a first rate job on it. This Gen III finish is great looking. Your prep work was as good as it gets. I am perfectly happy with the results, and with this gun.
Lee Haimowitz, Flagstaff, AZ

Just a quick note to let you know that after several months of saving and dreaming, I picked up my new blued Kobra Carry last week. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement. I have put about 400 rounds of various ammo through it with nary a glitch and amazing accuracy out of the box. This will be my daily CCW pistol. I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with this pistol and look to be ordering another soon. Its nice to find a company that takes the time to do it right and make an outstanding product and I wanted you folks to know how happy I am with your product. Thank you!
Adam Strickland

I picked up my new pistol this morning and went right to the range. I fired 100 rounds of 230 grain ball with no problems. The sights were correct for my eyes. I traded in one of your competitor's top of the line models for the Ed Brown pistol. The Brown gun shoots better and feels better than the top of the line competitor's model! As a matter of fact about 6 persons on the range-2 were local law officers- admired the quiet sophistication of your pistol and also the one hole in the target that I was consistently punching out! Thanks for a well manufactured and finished product that can shoot better than I can hold. My next firearm purchase may be one of your rifles.
Paul R. Comegys

Kobra Carry hits the streets. I purchased this gun last month and have put several hundred rounds through it without a hitch. I've used four different magazines and five different types of ammo without any problems. Your guns are definitely street worthy and this one is now an off-duty carry piece. Thanks for a great pistol!
Ken, California

I ordered an Ed Brown Executive Target. After thoroughly examining the pistol, shooting it extensively over the weekend and cleaning it, I now have a very good idea of its overall quality and function. It can be summarized in one word: Superb! I am completely satisfied. This gun is everything I was told it was going to be and more. And I want to say thank you. For several years I have owned two 1911's from another nationally known custom 1911 manufacturer, and his guns are very good, but yours are definitely superior. Until now I though his guns could not be improved upon, although I heard from different sources that yours did. That encouraged me to try and find out and now I am very glad I did. Good is good, but better is better.
Orlando Sauleda, Miami, FL

I just wanted to send you an email to praise your products. About 6 months ago at a local gun show I traded for an Ed Brown Special Forces pistol and today I finally got around to taking it to the range. I haven't been able to go shooting much lately and I'm terribly out of practice, but that Special Forces pistol made me look like a pro. Most of my 8 shot groups were one big ragged hole, I can only imagine what a little more time practicing will produce. I will recommend your products to anyone in the market for a 1911 pistol.
Peter Havran

I just purchased my first high end custom 1911, and it is your new Special Forces model. I have dabbled with many 1911s over the past decade, some have been pretty good, but most left me somehow dissatisfied. So I set out to trade several of them in for a high end quality 1911. I researched and shopped for several months, looking at all the major competing custom shop products. The search came to an end yesterday when I put the Ed Brown Special Forces model in my hands. It felt superior to the other custom 1911s. Beautiful, well balanced, comfortable, and the chain link on the frontstrap and mainspring housing is a very nice balance of ergonomics and function.
After taking the firearm home, inspecting it closely, cleaning and lubing, and working the action, I found that your shop's true craftsmanship is worth the extra money versus the standard 1911s. The lines are clean, the fit and finish is impeccable, the action is smooth and the trigger is crisp. No burrs, no scratches. It is clearly a high quality and beautiful looking piece. I almost want to keep it unfired and pristine.

The folks at Collector's Firearms in Houston, TX speak very highly of your products and customer service. I have shopped there for many years and their staff never steers me wrong. When they helped me make the decision to purchase the Special Forces model, I felt confident that it would be money well spent. Thank you for making a really great product.
Tony Nistam, Houston, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the Special Forces I ordered from you. The pistol is outstanding; fit, finish and function are all 100% as you said it would be. Your customer services was spot on and I appreciate it. Keep up the very good work.
Daniel Moore, Fredricksburg, VA

I purchased one of your fine pistols today from an authorized dealer. This is not the first 1911 I have owned but it is without a doubt the finest handgun I have ever had the pleasure of handling or shooting. Your product is a work of art and I wanted to thank you for taking what is evidently an enormous amount of pride and care in your work. As a woman, I can confirm the statement on your website regarding the snakeskin metalwork and the female shooter- it's very kind to my hands; the weapon feels secure yet not at all uncomfortable. Thank you again for producing a superb pistol.
Wendy Thurman

I just wanted to let you know that one of your Executive Elite's just went through the Gunsite 250 pistol course. It was the only 1911 that did not malfunction during the whole 1100 rounds.
Joe C. Paulfrey

We have a pistol team at my place of work with 12 members. Last weekend we had a tournament and with my Kobra Carry I took first place. 2nd place was in a different zip code. Thanks again to you and your people who build the best 1911 in the world!
Jim Cottrell

Just wanted to take this moment to congratulate you on a "grass roots" philosophy. It works and holds true over time. America's industry has known that Americans need a product they can depend upon year end and year out. I purchased a previously owned Class A Limited in stainless with tritium sights. Being a retired Marine, I have used my share of firearms from various makers from around the world. Your pistol delivers what Col. Jeff Cooper USMC pronounced over 50 years ago: good sights, good trigger, and total reliability. The proof is on the range. Please don't change your standards, as the product would not be the same. A product is the sum of its parts. All of the custom pistolsmiths insist on your parts. Why? Because their reputation rests with the results they produce. Performance and reliability are your hallmark. Keep up the good work. God bless our troops.
Semper Fidelis,
Billy D. Martin, CAPT, USMC RET

I recently purchased via your website a set of your Cocobolo grips for my 1911 as well as a 30lpi mainspring housing in stainless (mine was plastic). I could not have hand picked a nicer set of grips and the mainspring housing fit perfectly without any problems. The quality of your work is nothing less than outstanding! Thank you for your attention to detail - it shows!
Tom Jimenez

Just a note to say how much I appreciate the quality of your workmanship and finished product. The bottom line is that both rifles are incredibly accurate and shoot exactly where I aim. Keep up the good work. For the money, there isn't a better rifle on the market in my opinion.
Chris Jackson, St. Louis, MO

I received a #816F30 mainspring housing today. It was immediately placed on a new Colt Commander, which slid on so perfectly and aligned so precisely that I would like to say ...Well Done! It is a pleasure to acknowledge pride and precision of workmanship today, which is getting harder to come by.
D. Prohaska

The Executive Elite basically ate everything I fed it. I am a commercial real estate broker in who trusts your advice and loves your products.
Bill Diehl, Charlotte, NC

Just a note of thanks for an excellent product. I have had my Kobra Carry for a few months and it is flawless. I really respect your company as you deliver the goods at a price lower than some who seem to have an abundance of marketing hype associated with them. I appreciate that you have only one philosophy of quality and accuracy. I will not hesitate to recommend your products and think that they represent real value.
Leo W. Egar, VMD

All I can say is WOW! Without a doubt, the most beautiful pieces of hardware I've ever seen! There's just something about a 1911 that is timeless and perfect in design, but you guys have taken the art up to the highest form I've seen. Fantastic! Allow me to express my appreciation for what must rank as close to perfect workmanship as one will ever get. John Browning would be proud! Excellent stuff!
Donovan Henri

My wife and son gave me a Kobra Carry for Christmas. I'd wanted one of your products for years but never made the commitment to purchase for one reason or another. This is hands down the finest handgun I've ever fired or owned and I've owned and fired a bunch under personal and professional circumstances. Your staff was very helpful to my son when he called for information and my dealer sings your praises as well. It's inspiring to see that someone takes this level of pride in his work and produces something this exceptional. This will not be my last Ed Brown product. Now I just have to call and order some more magazines from you because I'm sure not going to use any one else's magazines in your gun. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Jim Martini, Commander US Navy, retired

I recently purchased a Kobra Carry and it functions beyond my expectations. I put every kind of 45 acp ammunition through it and it performed flawlessly. Over the past 35 years, I have owned guns from various other manufacturers, and they are all good products. Nonetheless, I have never fired a semi-automatic handgun that operated as well as the Kobra Carry right out of the store. In fact, even after the break-in period for guns from other companies, I have never experienced a gun that was as reliable as the Kobra Carry. There is a discernible difference in a hand-tuned gun from Ed Brown. There is no adequate substitute for the work of the skilled human hand. No machine can replicate it. I can feel and see the difference in the Ed Brown Kobra Carry. The time and attention that you put into your product is clearly evident. I wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done, and for producing a rare, quality product in an otherwise mass produced world.
Al Wasserman

My new ET arrived yesterday and it is exactly what I've been looking for I shot 1911A1's competitively in the 60's through the 80's and for years I've been researching the many and various 1911 pistol manufacturers and custom shops, while putting away my pot of gold with the ultimate goal of acquiring a high quality 1911A1. This pistol is what I was waiting for! It exhibits true craftsman-like manufacture, assembly, and finish, and is by far worth every penny. It makes your competitor's pistols appear to not even be in the same game. Thank you very much for your fine product, all of your assistance, and your very timely delivery. I'm a more than decent machinist and gunsmith and the quality of your raw material and NC machining is very evident. Very well done! Your metal finishing work is also remarkable. It is so perfect that it is hard to imagine how you do it, other than hours and hours of very exacting hand work. Thank you again for everything. I'm totally satisfied and impressed with the pistol and I really appreciate your personal touch and timeliness in handling my questions and such and for the sharp and timely way that you handled the shipping. Great job and many kudos to all involved!
Jim Halwachs, Ferndale, WA

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the arrival of my new stainless/stainless Executive Carry today. It is truly a work of art....if it shoots even half as good as it looks, I will be a very happy fellow.
Tim Carroll, Houston TX

UNBELIEVABLE!!! is all I can say after holding an Executive Carry yesterday at my local gun shop. The workmanship and feel were PERFECT.
Curt von Mosch

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the new barrel and all of the other Ed Brown parts. Thursday night I finished putting the gun together and yesterday I ran 350 rounds of various ammo through it. 100% reliability, very accurate and as pretty as a picture. While my 1911 isn't a total Ed Brown gun, it has enough of Ed Brown good genes to hold me until I can afford one. Thanks again!
Steve Shanin

Thank you so much. I just received my Kobra Carry and what a beautiful machine. I had the pleasure of shooting it yesterday and it's just what I imagined, perfection.
Jim Cottrell, Peterson Utah

Your Class A Limited surpasses my expectations. My pistol not only has a look and feel of superior quality, but when fired it is also liquid-smooth. My Class A Limited is magnificent. Thank you for making my shooting experience so enjoyable and satisfying.
Maurice Shapiro

I would like to thank you for publishing your 1911 bench reference. Since reading the information in that I have taken my Charles Daly superior grade to a much higher level than I thought I could achieve. It is still not a blue ribbon winner in my hands but I now hold 5 inch groups at 25 yards with it. As the reference said I changed my grip and was able to PROPERLY install a match grade barrel. Your bench reference is an invaluable tool that has made me and my small group of 1911 shooting friends much more informed and much better shots. Ed Brown, you have 4 new friends in Morrison Illinois! Thank you!
Alex Williams, Morrison, IL

I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my Custom Classic, which has seen thousands of rounds. You have my compliments. You guys are STARS! It's always a pleasure doing business with people who know customer service and actually want repeat business. Thank you for standing behind a great product. I see an Executive Carry in my future.
Brian Patterson, Morgantown, WV

I must say, I have dealt with your company a couple of times ranging from the gun to some parts I purchased. Every time I have dealt with you folks it has been a pleasure. I basically come crying over something not working, or have a million questions before turning over what is to me a large sum of money. And each time you folks take the time to answer my questions, fix my problem, or send me a new part free of charge. It is a nice change to deal with you folks as compared to a lot of other places were you call in talk to a computer and 10 people then maybe get some help. I will try out the gun this weekend to make sure on the sites. If I need to send it in, what address to I send it to? Again thank you and have a good day.
Jeff A. Blackwell

I picked it my Executive Carry this afternoon. It can only be described as impeccable! Thanks for all your assistance and follow-up.
Dennis E. Levine, Spring, Texas

Thanks for getting the special tactical out so quickly. It truly is a work of art! Thanks again for building the best guns in the business.
Bill Gray, Winstead, CT

I just wanted to let you know that I believe you make the best 1911 parts in the industry. I have spent several thousand dollars on a plethora of these parts for all of my ten 1911's. I especially enjoy your Hardcore Barstock hammer and matching sear. These parts are in all of my 1911's and I wouldn't have it any other way. I also have your MSH, disconnectors, thumb safeties, etc, all of excellent quality. I hope you continue to manufacture all of your parts for many years to come. Moreover, I especially hope that you never discontinue your Hardcore Barstock hammer, as this is my favorite hammer of all available by anyone today. So good luck and keep up the good work. Thanks again!
Michael D. Storo, Largo, Florida

As to the performance of your pistol, all I can say is "wow"! No malfunctions occurred. For it's size, it is very pleasant to control and any muzzle flip expected was never an issue. Most of the higher end guns seem to have very aggressive checkering which actually hurts the shooter's hand, eventually. I never felt as if I was lacking any gripping ability with your pistol and the style of your checkering was far more comfortable. I never had to reset my grip while shooting. The accuracy of your pistol is outstanding. With a firm two handed offhand grip, I can tear one hole, shot after shot. Magazine after magazine never brought the gun's temperature even close to an uncomfortable level to operate. I like the fact that I can even detail strip your pistol, if need be, without any tools except for the ambi safety. Most guns this accurate require bushing wrenches, allen wrenches, etc. to detail strip them, even to only field strip most of them. I am prior service Army Special Forces and appreciate a well laid out pistol. Your Kobra Carry appears to be the best possible job anyone could do to improve on a Commander style pistol, and in my opinion so far, the fit, finish, and quality will soon have me buying another one. I had a high grade handgun ordered from one of your competitors, but I am going to change my down payment money over to a second Kobra Carry. The extra work, care, and superior material quality is evident in your product over theirs. Initially I was also hesitant in buying your Kobra Carry initially due to the Bobtail grip, which I had never tried. After handling and shooting it, it kind of grows on you and I now I prefer it. The pistol points a little more naturally with it and the sharp corner of the grip against my hand is not really missed. Good job!
Dr. Patton, former Army Special Forces

I own a Kobra Carry, and it is by far the best pistol I've ever shot...and I own some great pistols!!
Matthew Raney

I just received an order I put in like three days ago. I wanted to thank you for the fast delivery. This tells me that you care about every little thing coming from your company. Thank you again.
Kelly Sorensen

My Class A Limited has performed flawlessly and the accuracy is superb. The fit, finish and feel is beyond what I have ever seen in any other pistol. Your pistol is now my daily companion. Thanks for the great product and service - you have a customer for life.
David Moson.

Just wanted you to know that after 40 years of shooting 45's and after owning all other "custom" brands, the Ed Brown Classic Custom is by far the best .45 handgun I have ever competed with or ever fired. It is a work of art and pleasure to shoot. Thank you for making a superb masterpiece.
Jerry, H. Wassel

Your Classic Custom is the finest pistol I have ever handled and shot. The looks, fit and feel are perfect and the trigger pull has to be experienced to be believed. I just wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I am with such a fine pistol. This will not be my only Ed Brown pistol.
Lou Metz

If there's a better .45 out there, I'd like to see it.
Guns & Ammo staff

Just a note of appreciation extended to you after today receiving my Classic Custom. It is superb! Perfect in every way, and beyond my expectations.
William Houston, New Market, TN

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic service I recently received from your shop. I own one of your Kobra pistols that I carry every day as a detective with the SLC Police department. I count on your gun to protect my life as well as others. Through an accident on my part, I dropped the gun muzzle first onto pavement. I would like to thank you for repairing my pistol, as it is getting increasingly harder to find companies that stand behind their products and their customers.
Det. Stefhan Bennett.

Designing pistols for combat and competition is a lifetime endeavor for this master gunsmith. I would have been surprised to have a malfunction from a Brown Custom gun and there were none. Over 500 rounds were fired and accuracy was outstanding.
Charles Petty, Writer

They are a thing of beauty and a joy to behold.
W.P. Zollo, Augusta, GA

Ed Brown's Kobra is a snake to be reckoned with! The Kobra is an outstanding example of the fighting 1911 taken to the pinnacle of perfection.
D.K. Pridgen, Handguns Magazine

It's beautiful and I am delighted with it. Thank you for doing such an exemplary job constructing it. I appreciate quality craftsmanship and with this pistol I have it in spades. Thank you again.
Dave Arbenz, St. Clairsville, OH

I picked up my Kobra this morning and am very happy with my choice. This is a work of industrial art/manufacturing/function at a high level.
Kurt Martin, St. Louis, MO

This is the finest handgun I've ever owned or for that matter probably ever seen. I've gone over it pretty closely and cannot find one flaw or imperfection. It is just a perfect piece of work. I put 200 rounds through it yesterday without a malfunction. Thanks for providing a superb product in a timely manner.
Jon Heritage, San Antonio, TX

This masterpiece is a pleasure to look at and more importantly to shoot. Truly, it is accurate and perfectly reliable.
Mike Allen, Little Rock, AR

The Ed Brown Bobtail grip for my hands is one of the best ergonomic changes I have ever seen made to the 1911 frame. It not only tamed the recoil but it made it downright pleasant to shoot.
Kerby Smith, Handguns Magazine Editor

What more could you want in a 1911?
Walt Rauch, Combat Handguns

Ed Brown Pistols simply exude quality. I could find no flaw. This is one 1911 that you'll be able to count on.
Gary Paul Johnson, Combat Handguns Magazine

Ed Brown pistols are an exceptional value because of high quality and craftsmanship demanded by Ed Brown and family. The pistols are accurate, reliable or just simply state the gun downright shoots good.
Terrence Peters, Combine, TX

The Kobra Carry is a delight to shoot, delivering above-average accuracy and exhibiting mild recoil even when shooting one-handed. If you're in the market for a top-quality 1911 for home protection or street carry, look no further.
Dave Arnold, Guns & Ammo Magazine

I'd just like you to know that it runs perfectly and I'm very satisfied with this pistol. The fit and finish are some of the best work by anyone that I've ever owned. Thanks for such a nice pistol.

I just wanted to thank Mr. Brown for keeping American quality alive in the Kobra Carry I just purchased. I think I enjoy admiring the workmanship on this piece even more than I enjoy shooting it. The fit and finish on this gun is inspiring and remind me of an era in this country when honor, integrity and quality weren't just buzzwords in a sales brochure, and a man's handshake was his contract.
Sean Burns, Lexington, SC

I had to write you and tell you how truly impressed I am with you Kobra Carry. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, the overall beauty of the weapon and the precision at which it shoots are outstanding and I send my regards and compliments.
Jim Hutchinson, Norwalk, CT

Wow, the attention to detail is incredible, and the ergonomics are unlike any 1911 I have used. The snakeskin treatment not only looks great, but is functional. I like this pistol so much that I order a second. Thank you for making such a top-notch product!
Dr. Ken Lunde, California

I just had to e-mail you folks and offer my sincerest Thank You for creating a 1911 that is a pleasure to own and most importantly shoot. I cannot rave enough about the workmanship, quality and accuracy of the piece. I love that Bobtail Grip!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to owning another one of your works of art in the near future.
Greg Kilburn, Irmo, SC

I recently purchased an Executive Carry and I must say that the firearm is near flawless in appearance and exceptional in both construction and quality of material. Keep up the good work! You guys make beautiful firearms!
Andrew L. Fishman

I wanted to write to you to let your know that my Executive Carry is just fantastic. I love the looks, performance and the way it feels in my hands. I have been shooting for almost 40 years and my Ed Brown pistol the best gun that I have ever used or owned. I am an engineer and looked over your competitor's offerings, but after close examination and much time feeling the slide and trigger and how the gun fits together your gun was my only choice. I will pay the highest possible compliment...I trust your gun to defend my life and that of my family. I shoot IDPA and IPSC and train often to keep my skills up. My Executive Elite is not sitting in some picture frame all shiny... it earns it's place every time I go shooting. I will be adding another pistol in the future and it will also have Ed Brown's name on it.
Scott Reichard, Glendale, WI

I recently received my new Ed Brown Executive Elite in stainless. I am absolutely thrilled with this beautiful piece of work. The fit and finish of the weapon are without rival. Thank you!
Michael A. Shternfeld

I am very pleased with the purchase and installation of your Bobtail Mainspring Housing, the Bobtail modification makes the whole pistol.
William F. Burt, Calvert City, KY

The work is excellent and customer service beyond reproach!
Thomas A. Chasten, Anchorage, AK

Your Bobtail idea is genius and the work is true craftsmanship
John Wm. Ivicic, Centreville, VA

I believe that Ed's guns are far and above the finest I've ever handled, and I'm proud to call the Ed Brown line of 1911's my personal favorite. Thank you for making a wonderful product available to those who want the very best!
Allan Yoast, Allan Yoast Firearms

Thank you for the outstanding barrel installation you did for me. The fit is really great, plus your turnaround back to me was very quick. My thanks to you folks for a very professional job, the accuracy of course is top notch.
Floyd L. Watkins, Linden, VA

I recently purchased your Tactical Mag Release, Hex Head Catch Lock and your Hardcore Sear Spring, and I couldn't be more impressed. I just wanted to thank you and let you know I will recommend you to all my friends.
Rob Campbell, Elizabethtown, PA

I ordered an ambi safety recently, and like always it got here quicker than I had any right to expect. In all my dealings with you, I've been totally satisfied, it don't get any better than that.
Rick Nielson

I simply love the Ed Brown memory-groove grip safety. I'm getting one for all my 1911's!
Chris Pollack, Phoenix, AZ

Every detail that I indicated on the order sheet was done as requested, the gun shot a 3/4 inch 5-shot group hand held at 10 yards, repeatedly. Thank you for the great service, by the way it is my second Bobtail and I also am the proud owner of a .308 tactical, which is a masterpiece and is consistently a half minute of angle shooter on a Harris bipod no less.
Seth Block, Fairfield,CT

The modifications on my Colt pistols turned out to be much higher in quality and workmanship than I had ever expected. I will be very proud to once again be carrying one of your fine pistols to not only protect my life, but also the lives of the rest of the citizens that I serve.
Darrel Newton, Gilbert, AZ

If you will pardon my French, "This is one hell of a gun." You guys can really be proud of your product!
Dr. James Bledsoe, Sr.

I am happy to say it is the best quality parts for a 1911 I have ever seen.
John De Marco, Jr., Stanhope, NJ

Thank you for the high quality. Someone as demanding as me on this kind of hobby demands the very best, and I have no doubt about your products.
Joel Cronin, Harvest, AL

I just picked up my pistol and I am highly impressed. You guys did a fine job on my weapon. It is fantastic. Thank you for tuning my trigger too.
William Glossen, Joliet, IL

I just wanted to thank you for the parts I ordered for my Colt Commander light weight. I decided to rebuild it and you were the first choice for parts. Best decision I have made in a while. All parts fitted perfectly with only a small amount of hand fitting. The pistol functions flawlessly thanks to you. It of course will not out shoot my Ed Brown Executive Carry but it is now reliable enough to carry with confidence. I can hardly wait to get the barrel and bushing I ordered for it. Thanks a million. Also, your Bench Reference was invaluable as well as the Sear Jig. I was able to use both to resolve issues with one of my pistols made by another manufacturer. Most of my shooting companions shoot "Other Guys" firearms and wonder why I pay so much for yours. They shut up quickly when I put all rounds in virtually the same hole. I try to tell them that you get what you pay for. Your firearms are worth every cent. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Donald Meadors, Hemingway, SC

Your quality parts and magazines I have used is beyond 1st rate. Nothing but Ed Brown Products for me.
David Keith McGuire, Sequatchie, TN

I recently purchased your Kobra Carry. It's a beautiful gun and a pleasure to shoot - already the object of jealousy around the range!
Richard Payne

Thank you for your extra effort in getting my order shipped today. Your outstanding customer service equals the high quality of Ed Brown firearms. Long may your firm prosper. Thank you again!
Al Mogenis, Venice, FL

I received my new Kobra Carry about a month ago. Thank you for making such a fine pistol. For once in life I feel like I got my moneys worth. The workmanship makes it look more like a trophy than a working firearm. When I did go to the range it performed awesomely. Thanks for not only fulfilling my expectations, but exceeding them!!!! You are the first ever to receive this type of "thank you" for something I bought. Peace and may God continue to Bless you and yours.
Rev. Frank Darnes Sr., Cantonment, FL