Every high end gun needs a high end holster. We continue to partner with fine craftsmen to offer an exclusive line of custom holsters to suit your needs. Each holster is carefully handcrafted by cutting, dyeing and stitching the finest veg tanned leather into a perfectly molded and hand boned holster. The edges are beveled and burnished for a smooth fit and finish. Our holsters are made in the USA of cow hide and trimmed with shark to offer an attractive, quality holster that will last for many years.  These custom holsters are the perfect combination of beauty and function, and are ideal for daily carry.

John May from Ed Brown. Did you know we make a line of custom holsters, one to fit each of the guns we make - from our EVO Series to our Fueled® by Ed Brown we've got a holster and a mag pouch for each of those guns.

Now let's talk about custom holsters for a minute. What makes a custom holster? Well, it should be veg-tanned leather. That way you can mold it properly there's no salt in it to corrode the finish of the gun. You should see some detail in a finished holster. See these lines and showing the detail of the gun - it's called boning. That gives it retention, and not only that the fine attributes of a custom holster.

Our holsters are black cowhide with shark skin trim for not only a good look but it also adds a lot of longevity to the holster.

One of my pet peeves is the edges. Edges should be beveled and then burnished and then sealed and what that does is it locks the moisture out. No moisture means a longer life for your holster. Look for a molded in sight track, like you see in the front of this. That makes it easier to draw. All of our holsters are designed with a slight forward 15 degree cant, making for easy presentation.