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What's up guys Honest Outlaw here and today we're gonna do a quick video on Ed Brown magazines and kind of what makes them special. They're doing an entire line of magazines that you can use in a number of different guns and it's called the Ed Brown Performance line and we've got John May here to talk about what makes them so special.

First off let's talk about the Ed Brown magazine for a little bit. It's got a lifetime warranty on the tube and on the follower springs wear out - that's how it works. The tube is heat treated 410 stainless. It's highly polished inside to smoothen the operation. This is a patented follower. You notice we use the steel follower, it gives you more up pressure on your slide stop so you always get a positive lock. We also use one of the stiffest springs in the industry, that was designed purposely that stiff so that you get positive lock
on your slide stop. The most important function that empty magazine provides is it locks your slide to the rear and ejects out of your gun. Those are the two functions you need it to provide. Agreed. When it's full you need it to feed and it'll do that too. The entire build, the entire design, the entire engineering is about performance - that's the difference in our magazines and everybody else's. There's no short steps taken. Like for example, our 9mm magazine - it's a nine round. The reason it's a nine round is - most reliable with a nine round. Unlike a ten round - it can cause problems with ten round. If you think about 9mm, it's a tapered round so when it stacks up, it starts to flare down. If your nose gets down it dives into the feed ramp problems erupt. Nine rounds we can control the nose. It will feed every time.

Another reason you said that you went with that, is that it would be universally reliable across the bunch of platforms, right? If have a Springfield gun or if you have Colt Kimber or anything like, these magazines are gonna work reliably. Whereas some of the other magazines in the market, we won't mention, don't work reliably.

They tend to feed higher than these which they can crash into the ejector they can cause all kinds of problems with feeding too high and then diving again into the feed ramp. One of the other features that I'm proud of is in everything but the 848, we offer the ability to come flush fit or you have two other base pad choices. You can go a slim fit which is the one on the top or you go full thin on the bottom so you can get the maximum amount of base pad or just enough to work with a magwell.

Which is a lot easier as well, to grab from a pouch or something like that so you can easily index him into your magazine. All these are included for the same price so you're not paying anything extra for all that. All covered by the same lifetime warranty, and don't forget we have a mag exchange program. Iyou have an old magazine you want to try one of our new magazines, you send it in along with the form and for 10 bucks you can have a brand new Ed Brown magazine.

Magazines are not the immortal. Your gun might last you a hundred years but your magazines will not. So if you're running the same magazines for fifty years ago you might want to, at the very least update some springs and things like that, right? And they do require clean and lube as well. They certainly do. Yeah they require maintenance. In particular in a 1911 so if you have a 1911 good mags are super important. Yep. Try them out. Ed Brown Performance Magazines. www.edbrown.com

Ed Brown magazines: 50 years in the making

Having spent over 50 years building custom 1911's, we have tested just about everything possible when it comes to magazine design and performance. You can take full advantage of all of our research, knowledge, and testing with the new Ed Brown line of proven performance magazines. All the components have been engineered and manufactured for maximum performance, and we have combined this with an unbeatable price, selection, and warranty.

  • • The tube is constructed from 0.025" thick, certified 410 stainless, which is heat-treated to 35 Rc for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. The tubes and the fixed base are TIG welded with the latest technology for maximum strength, longevity, and durability. The completed tubes are then highly polished inside-and-out to provide the smoothest possible operation. The feed-lips have been designed with the optimal geometry for each different caliber, to feed both hollow-point and target ammunition.
  • •The patented follower design is made from heat-treated steel (not cheap plastic), with an extended front skirt, and an anti-friction finish. This ensures proper feeding and full engagement of the slide stop on the last round.
  • • The maximum tensile strength heavy duty spring provides a longer lasting spring life, with the proper up-force to ensure reliable feeding and slide stop operation.
  • •3-in-1 configuration allows the end-user to choose the best bumper pad solution to fit their needs. Fixed base mags (which is all of them except the #848) come with a thick and thin bumper pad, and the correct screws, so you can configure your mag in one of three ways:
  1. Leave the bumper pad off, for a completely flush fit, ideal for situations when you want the lowest profile possible, such as concealed carry.
  2. Thin pad, for a low profile, to protect your magazine base when ejecting an empty mag, and provide extra length for easy insertion into the gun.
  3. Thick pad, for use with magwells, to give extra length for easy insertion into the gun, and extraction from the gun.
  • • Price – these are by far the best priced performance magazines on the market today, starting price of $21.95, with none higher than $29.95.
  • • Lifetime Warranty – with our lifetime warranty on the tubes and followers, there is no reason to ever buy a more expensive mag from another maker.
  • • Full line of single stack mags available to fit Government/Commander size frames, and Officers/Compact size frames, in calibers 45 ACP, 9mm, 10mm, and 38 Super.
  • • Black Nitride versions available. For those who prefer a low glare, non-reflective magazine tube, our complete magazine line is available in Black Nitride, the toughest black finish available today, far superior to traditional blue steel tubes.