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If you already own an Ed Brown firearm, or are thinking about buying a used one, you will find all the services we offer our customers here, such as the Basic Service Package, Factory Letter of Authenticity, Trade-Up program, and special pricing on Retro options for your Ed Brown 1911. We have made it super easy for you to send your gun to us for any type of upgrades, maintenance, warranty work, etc.

The prices shown on the Retro price sheet are estimates for labor only (part prices not included unless specified), and subject to revision after in-house evaluation of your 1911. If any prices or selections must be revised, we will get your approval before we proceed. Payment is due when the work is completed, at which time we will contact you, and get your approval to return ship. Shop times average two weeks.

How to order Retro options for your Ed Brown 1911
Please print the Retro order form below, and use the search box in the header of our website to enter the relevant part numbers found on the form. In this way you can learn about each part available, and circle your choice on the form. You can also learn more about many of the options, and see pictures, by checking the “Help Me Choose” box in each category on the Custom Build page.

Next, add the “Basic Service Package” to your cart, and checkout. If you are only getting slide work done on a stainless slide (no Gen4 coating), you can purchase the “Slide Return label” instead. Include the completed order form in the box, and follow the shipping instructions that are provided with the email label. It is that easy!

Basic Service Package

When you own an Ed Brown firearm, returning it for factory service is easy, convenient, and affordable. Simply follow this 3-step process.

1. Add to your cart the Basic Service Package, and checkout. Before the close of the next business day, you will receive via email a FedEx 2nd Day Air shipping label. All shipping costs, insurance, and delivery information will be included on this label.

2. Pack up your firearm to prepare it for shipment. Ensure it is unloaded, and do not send any accessories not required for the work you want performed. The original shipping bag is best, second best is a generous amount of bubble wrap. Next place the firearm in a suitable sized box and tape it up well. Print the return label you received via email, and affix it to the outside of the box.

3. Drop off the package at any FedEx pickup location convenient to you, or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX to schedule a pick-up at your location. We will contact you after completing our evaluation, and before beginning any work. You should allow two weeks for service work to be performed.

Slide Return Label

If you need to send in the slide only, and not the entire gun, request a slide-only return label.

Letter of Authenticity

We can research the serial number of your firearm and compile a factory letter of authenticity. Many customers are curious about this information, and find that it adds to the value of the firearm upon resale. Others have purchased, or are planning to purchase, a used firearm, and want to know its history. It is also nice to have for insurance purposes, or when passing the firearm to the next generation. The letter of authenticity is an official letter on Ed Brown Products letterhead, proving the authenticity of the serial number. It includes the date the firearm was originally shipped from the factory, and the location where the firearm was originally shipped. Any further information available about the model of firearm, its options, service record, and current replacement cost, will also be included. The letter is then signed by a member of the Brown family.

Trade-Up Program

Ed Brown Products has pioneered a trade-up program for your 1911, allowing you the opportunity to trade-up to your dream gun for less than you ever thought possible.

1. Submit your 1911 trade-in, and select the Ed Brown you'd like to trade-up to.
2. Ed Brown Products will quote you an estimated trade-up price.
3. If you decide to trade-up, we will email you a FedEx shipping label to pick up your trade-in for evaluation.

KC9 Conversion

California Kobra Carry owners now have the opportunity to convert their pistol to an Ed Brown EVO KC9!

This package will create an EVO KC9 9mm on your California Kobra Carry. All original 45 ACP parts (except old thumb safety) are returned to you, separately labeled and packaged, so you effectively have a dual caliber, 45ACP/9mm firearm, that is 100% legal for California.

Find out more about the KC9 Conversion.

Retro Options

We make available to our customers an extensive list of retro options, at special pricing.  Whether you've purchased a used Ed Brown and want to add some custom options, missed an option when ordering your custom gun, or we're offering a new custom option that you just have to have, we can take care of you!  See the Service Order Form below for a list of retro options.

NEW! Ed Brown RMR Retro Mount
As the RMR sight becomes more popular on 1911 handguns, we frequently are asked if it is possible to install an RMR on an Ed Brown firearm equipped with a fixed or adjustable rear sight. Previously, the answer was no. Either a new slide was required, or an clunky drop-in type mount that did not meet Ed Brown quality or cosmetic standards.

In response to this opportunity, we have engineered and manufactured a new RMR mount that can be machined into any Ed Brown slide equipped with a fixed or adjustable rear sight. We call it the Ed Brown RMR retro mount. The retro mount can be machined in over the existing Ed Brown rear sight cut, and provides an attractive and inexpensive way to get an RMR on your Ed Brown firearm. The front sight remains unchanged.

The mount and installation only is $200. Refinishing your slide is required.

As a special offer to our customers, we offer an installation package that includes the mount, installation, and new Type 2 RMR 06 sight, for only $750, a tremendous value! As above, refinishing costs are extra and depend on your configuration.

See the Service Order Form below for  additional options.

To print the form, please download here.