Round Trip Shipping Label – Slide Only


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This is a round trip shipping label to be used for shipping a slide only. Not intended for use when sending in a Gen III/Gen4 coated slide, as the entire gun is needed for work to be performed.

To return your slide to Ed Brown Products, simply follow the 3 step process below:

1. Add to your cart the Slide Round Trip Shipping Label, and checkout. Before the close of the next business day, you will receive via email a FedEx shipping label. All shipping costs, insurance, and delivery information will be included on this label.

2. Pack up your slide to prepare it for shipment. Wrap the slide in multiple layers of bubble wrap, and place inside a small box with additional packing material surrounding the wrapped slide.
If possible, place the small box inside a larger box with additional packing material surrounding the small box. Attach the label you received via email to the box.

3. Take the package to any FedEx pickup location convenient to you, or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX to schedule a pick-up at your location. The FedEx driver will scan the label on your package, and tracking information will then be available online at