last updated 5/15/2019

Listed below are the current estimated wait times for each handgun series (if not in stock). Wait times are estimated from the date your order was placed with deposit. We do our best to predict accurate lead times, but they are subject to change. Please check this page as often as you like to keep updated on current wait times.

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EVO series - within 180 days.

FX series - within 90 days.

Carry series - within 90 days.

Elite series - within 90 days.

Tactical series - within 90 days.

Exhibition series - within 9 months.

California series - within 30 days.

Legacy series - within 90 days.

Jeff Cooper Commemorative - within 120 days.

Custom build (configured from build page) - within 90 days.

Service work  - within 2 weeks

Letter of Authenticity - within 2 days.