Fueled Series

For over 50 years, Ed Brown has set the standard for the highest quality 1911 parts and handguns.  We've continually looked for ways to improve, taking full advantage of modern technology, and have re-engineered every part in the 1911 to ensure the absolute best performance. So what happens when we apply our philosophy and experience to other handgun platforms? They become "Fueled™ by Ed Brown".

We start with a platform that shares the characteristics we desire - ergonomics, functionality, and reliability. Our first platform of choice for this series is the S&W® M&P® 2.0™. We break it down to its foundation, and begin putting it back together, applying our lifetimes of experience to re-design and re-manufacture each of the key components for optimal performance. The platform becomes "Fueled™ by Ed Brown".

Far beyond gunsmithing, platforms "Fueled™ by Ed Brown" receive a complete overhaul in all categories, detailed below.

accuracy block


We start at the heart of this pistol with a fully machined, oversize block that replaces the front rail block fitted into the polymer frame. The Accuracy Rail gives both the slide and the barrel perfectly machined mating surfaces to achieve an exceptional fit. Our expert craftsman painstakingly fit the Accuracy Rail block to substantially improve barrel lockup and accuracy, and greatly reduce the slide to frame rattle common in factory pistols. In simple terms there is just no way to get more accuracy from the platform.


Fully machined from 17-4 Stainless with custom cuts, dehorned, and treated with Black Nitride to give you the hottest custom polymer pistol on the range. Designed for a unique and striking appearance while maintaining functionality, beefed up in all the right areas and ready for hard use, and cut for the Trijicon RMR (matching cover plate included). The perfect high octane custom slide to set your pistol apart from the rest.


A 416 stainless, button-rifled match barrel, with 1-10 twist and 11° target crown. Customized with our own Ed Brown Tread Flutes and available in Black Nitride, or the "Spectrum" multi-colored finish to give it flash under the hood. Our match barrel with traditional rifling will digest jacketed and lead bullets alike, with exceptional accuracy and reliability. To make sure we have included it all, it comes equipped with ½ x 28 threads and a custom thread protector, making it fully suppressor ready.


Re-designed and re-engineered based on 50 years of experience manufacturing completely reliable custom pistols. Mating up perfectly with the custom slide, this extractor will allow you to get the most reliability possible.

yellow front sight


Topping off the slide are the Ameriglo Pro-Glo tritium front sight, and plain black rear, both in suppressor ready height to make them co-witness with Trijicon’s RMR reflex sight. Optional Trijicon RMR Type 2 tested and approved reflex sight. The 3.25 MOA dot is perfect for handgun use and its long life makes it ideal for use on the range, or for daily carry. It is simple to adjust and natural to use, quickly becoming an essential option by today’s standards.

custom trigger


We’ve partnered with the best from a company who stands behind their products in an exemplary manner, just like we do. The Apex Tactical trigger gives you the best pull, consistent release and reset, in a combination that will remain safe, and work every time. That is what we demand in our triggers, and Apex delivers.


The Ed Brown Low-profile 360 degree Magwell is engineered to provide a securely mounted magwell that gives you the perfect opening for your reloads. At home on the range or in the holster, it is large enough to allow for the fastest reloads. Fully machined from aluminum and hard anodized for a long service life.


The perfect companions to the Ed Brown Magwell, are the pair of custom machined aluminum base pads. Both are hard anodized for long life and good looks, with one being a low profile, and the second taller profile allowing for more gripping surface, easier manipulation, and additional ammunition capacity.


Turned on Swiss type machines, and allowing for the ultimate in precision fit, and easy disassembly and re-assembly, these pins are an essential complement to getting the most out of the Ed Brown Accuracy Rail.


Custom machined from aluminum and hard anodized, available with custom serrations, these are the perfect high-end replacement for the plastic piece found on factory pistols.

What's up guys it's the Honest Outlaw here, and today we're doing a unique video . We're actually with Ed Brown here. We're gonna be doing a product release with them and we are with John here, who works at Ed Brown. He's one of my friends and brought some of these guns up for us to play with and we're gonna kind of talk about them and shoot them today, and see how they do. So far they've been pretty awesome.

I've shot this particular gun here quite a bit already - a couple hundred rounds already today - and it is an M&P on steroids, to say the least. It has a threaded barrel. It has fluting. This awesome rainbow colored coating with the standard RMR red dot mount are cut in, and it's got probably one of the better slide cuts I've ever seen. Not only is it recessed and super light, you can feel it when you pick it up, but it also has really good texture if you're manipulating the slide.

It comes with an Apex trigger, the standard M&P grip texture, and the magwell which I've been a really big fan of. This magwell is awesome. It's beveled all the way around, better than a $1800 CZ right from the factory. It also comes with the Ed Brown extended baseplate, which not only is good for a little extra capacity, but it's also really good for puling the magazine out and palming the magazine when it comes out of your mag carrier. So it makes your reloads a little bit quicker and a little bit easier, especially with the included magwell. A lot of guys, when they put a magwell on a gun, they don't include base plates, which is just silly to me, because it actually makes the reload harder. It's gotta be able to manipulate it. Yea.

The idea around the Fueled Series was not only to offer you a completely built gun with all of the options and the features, but all of these components will be available individually on our website, so you can build your own Fueled Series. Yea, which is actually really cool. So you can get this guy for around nineteen hundred bucks, nineteen ninety five, and you can have them build it, which I would honestly recommend because coming from my experience, I have a bunch of build M&Ps and I tried their gun and their gun is just better than mine, and that upsets me a little bit. I tried the Apex trigger on this gun and for whatever reason, it's significantly better than the drop-in trigger that I put in mine. I imagine it's a it's included with all of the Ed Brown magic that's put in the slide, if you want to talk about that for a little bit - you want to talk about the accuracy rail that you put in - the block.

One of the interesting things that we did that's groundbreaking is we created an accuracy rail. We took the front rail out of the frame that's original from the factory, which is MIM by the way, and we created a fully machined version that allows you to fir the slide to the frame and also the barrel to both of those that gives you the absolute ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

You'll notice that they don't rattle. Pick up your stock M&P and shake it around and it will rattle. Yeah. These don't rattle. They're hand fit. Can't get any more out of it than that.  So one thing I wanted to show is this very uniquely coated barrel and very unique fluting in the barrel - it looks really, really cool. It really caught my eye, this particular gun caught my eye. I also wanted to show you the recoil spring. You guys are going to have not only the stainless steel recoil spring, you guys are going to have the two-piece, right? Coming soon is the two-piece, yeah. So if you want to run a suppressor or you want to run a comp, like that stuff I do all the time, you can switch it out and change different recoil springs and not have to buy a guide rod, which is pretty nice. That'll save you like 40 bucks.

We were talking about this coating, the spectrum coating, is that what you call it? Spectrum coating. Yeah, so they're going to have this available in DLC black available as well, if you want that classic look that is gonna last forever.

So the other thing I want to talk about really quick is the sights that come with a gun. Not only do they come with a mount, but they also come with probably the best sights I've ever seen on a gun as far as suppressor height sights go. They're HD and they're from Ameriglo. They're blacked-out rear with a HD front kind of similar to the Hackathorn sights I run all the time on the channel except now they're suppressor height and they come with the gun if you buy from Ed Brown or you can buy them separately on their website. Every gun also comes with a plate so you don't have to have an RMR so you can just run it without like I probably would cuz I'm a little
old fogey. Ya old stodgy.

I want to talk a little bit about running the actual M&P itself yet about the differences between that and the actual stock gun which I ran a little bit a couple of days ago just for some comparison. I can tell you that right off the bat this gun is gonna be better performing it's not just gonna look better. The trigger itself is gonna make it more accurate if anybody's ever ran a stock M&P the first thing always switches the trigger. This is the best trigger I've ever felt out of an M&P. This is the Apex, which is the best drop-in model I've seen but having Ed Brown put it in there, you can feel that extra little bit of excellence when you actually pull it. Trying not to be cheesy, but it's gonna be lighter, it's gonna be crisper, and you don't sacrifice the return. So when you're trigger, it feels like a 1911 when you're going in, but doesn't go super soggy and slow like some of the custom triggers do. This actually pops right out which helps you maintain speed.

It also has the lightened slide which a lot of people say is just for looks, but it actually reduces the reciprocating mass of the gun so when it comes back, not only does it cycle just a bit faster, but it also doesn't dip down so bad when you're returning. So when the gun comes up and returns it doesn't dip down real bad, that's actually one of the reasons they replaced the recoil spring as well. So the whole gun feels just smoother and faster and it feels like what a gun really should be from the factory. But again can't get that unless you buy it from Ed Brown.

This is probably the one that all of us around there go, "that's cool". Nobody liked the stainless when we first talked about it. Yeah, it looks cool with the contrast. Obviously with the SRO, you guys are running the new SRO, as well which is the first time people will be seeing it on this channel. Yeah, I never really shot it because it's not zeroed, and I'm lazy.

Only have two hundred rounds through this gun so far, but it's been super reliable. It show any signs of being unreliable. You know some guns are kind of sticky here and there, but this gun came out and it was ready to go already which felt really good. You shot an incredible mix of ammo through it too. mixed bag of ammo through it. I did. Yeah, that's the other thing I want to talk about. When I shot 200 rounds, I shot some 115, some Federal 150 grain syntex, which is totally different, and they had totally different arcs when I was shooting it long distance. It was pretty funny too. It's got a cool thump when it hits a dirt berm. Yeah, it sounded like a 45 when it hit. Those old 45 guys are gonna get a kick from that one. Thump.

So I got the Ed Brown M&P out here and the Federal 150 grain ammo which is a little new for me at distance, but we'll kind of an arc up a little and play around with it.

With the same recoil spring it ran from 115 all the way to 150 from like 900 fps and down oh whatever that 150 is 30 I think. I think I can throw stuff further, like a rock. And it ran perfectly. So I'm happy about that. Overall, I think these guns not only look god, but they actually function really well. And we're doing a little thing with Ed Brown here, where I'm just testing them for the, and we're doing kind of promotional stuff, but I'm actually gonna get one of these for a full review and we're gonna put a thousand rounds through one of these.

edbrown.com The Fueled Series.

And you can go over there like I said and you can find any of the individual parts you want. If you want the slide or you just want the barrel. Like I know we were talking about this rainbow colored barrel which I've been in love with since you showed up. And you said they're going to be available for Glocks too. And I'm already gonna get one to put in my 34, which is a big thing on my channel. I shoot that gun all of the time. So stay tuned for more Ed Brown on the channel. We're gonna be doing a bunch of stuff with them in the future, including the M&P stuff. I know you guys were a big fan of the EVO series I showed off a little while ago, and I'm such a huge fan I can't wait to get more of those.

For some reason I was hoping they would slide through with the thread protector on. The hole is not that big. Story of my life. [Laughter]

What do they call that stuff? The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Well, it starts going when you get older. It does, doesn't it. [Laughter] Thanks buddy.


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