Gen4 is the name we have given to the latest evolution of thermoset polymer coating technology. This is the fourth major advance in thermoset polymer coating, and has already been adopted by several military units. It is the successor to our popular Gen III coating introduced in 2006.

We have been allowed the unusual opportunity to work with the manufacturers of this coating to address our specific needs. These needs included an attractive appearance and better wear properties than existing polymers, but without any loss of the exceptional corrosion protection these coatings offer.

Gen4 is made up of a special formulation that offers the best wear resistance and corrosion protection known to date. Wear is significantly improved over traditional oxide bluing, and is significantly better than older chemistry polymers, including Gen III. Wear is still possible however, and no coating in existence will prevent wear entirely.

The appearance of Gen4 is similar to that of finely finished bead blast bluing, and although it is military quality, you will not have to live with a military appearance. Gen4 is available in black, specially formulated to look identical in color to traditional matte finished bluing. Gen4 is also available in Stealth Grey, and Battle Bronze.

Gen4 is available on any Ed Brown handgun already purchased and in service. Visit the Service page for details on sending in an Ed Brown firearm for Gen4 coating.