2017 Exhibition Edition


We have worked with our master engraver to bring you a new example of beautiful hand engraving. Based on our timeless Classic Custom pistol, this pistol represents the ultimate in quality firearm craftsmanship.

In the words of our master engraver....“I was really pleased when Ed Brown Products offered me the chance to express further engraving creativity to share with their customers. For this Exhibition Model, I decided to take the best 1911 made and combine it with the elegance of the classic English ‘rose and scroll’ patterns found on the finest English shotguns and double rifles. The scroll is a departure from my regular style, but when combined with the rose bouquet, it is easily recognized as classic English. To be done correctly, English scroll should be broken up with open areas, and the rose bouquet with the unengraved spaces surrounding it does that nicely. Without those interruptions, the small and intricate English scroll simply becomes a texture, and is not nearly so appealing. The stainless steel Custom Classic platform emulates the ‘French Gray” finish that is used on the finest English and European weaponry. This beautifully displays engraving, but without the danger of rusting that plagues the French Gray finish. I think this Exhibition edition is the most classically elegant 1911 ever.“


Caliber:   45 ACP
Barrel Length:  5"
Weight: approximately 40 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted

  • • Model: CC-SS-EXF
  • • 5" Government model slide, single stack government model frame.
  • • 25 LPI checkering on forestrap and mainspring housing.
  • • Classic English Rose & Scroll engraved package (includes flats of slide and frame, grip screws, and flats of thumb safety, grip safety, slide stop, mag release and one engraved magazine). The spare magazine is not engraved.
  • • Traditional "square cut" cocking serrations on rear of slide only.
  • • Adjustable rear sight buried deep into slide, cross dovetail front sight.
  • • Special high polish slide, with 50 LPI serrations on back of slide to match serrated adjustable sight.
  • • Top of slide is flattened and finely grooved at 40 LPI.
  • • Two-piece guide rod for smoother cycling and easier disassembly.
  • • Mag catch with Oversize 40 LPI checkered button.