Legacy Classic Custom


The Classic Custom includes all the classic modifications. Known as our flagship firearm, this is our finest work, and many of our repeat customers say it's the finest pistol available anywhere, at any price. It has all the bells and whistles, and includes those extra enhancements that you don't really need, but really want! Many customers think of it as the proverbial safe queen, but don't let that fool you - it can take just as much hard service as any pistol out there. The unique slide treatment sets it apart from any other pistol. The sides of the slide are painstaking brought to a gleaming high polish finish, by hand, to contrast and enhance the glass bead finished frame. This gorgeous high polish finish really makes the Classic Custom stand out! The top of the slide is flattened and finely grooved to provide a no glare runway effect that naturally guides your eye to the front sight. The rear of the slide is finely serrated 50 lines per inch to match the deep buried adjustable sight and eliminate distracting light reflection. The frame dressed in traditional, 25 LPI checkering.  We think you'll agree the Classic Custom represents the ultimate in quality firearm craftsmanship at it's finest!


Caliber:  45 ACP
Barrel Length:  5"
Weight: approximately 40 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted

  • •  5" Government model slide, single stack government model frame.
  • •  Weight: approximately 40 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted.
  • • 25 LPI checkering on forestrap and mainspring housing.
  • •  Special high polish slide.
  • •  50 LPI serrations on back of slide to match serrated adjustable sight.
  • •  Adjustable rear sight buried deep into slide, black front sight.
  • •  Two-piece guide rod for smoother cycling and easier disassembly.
  • •  Mag catch with Oversize 40 LPI checkered button.
  • •  Flattened and serrated top of slide.