Smith & Wesson M&P® 17rd Magazine with Extended Base Pad


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A factory Smith & Wesson M&P® 9mm 17 round magazine with our extended mag base pads allows for 2 extra rounds. Works great in combination with the Ed Brown Magwell for M&P®. Our base pads add a level of protection to your M&P® magazine, while giving you a better gripping surface for easier manipulations under the stress of competition or self-defense. The profile is just aggressive enough to ease handling, without making it uncomfortable to control. Fully machined from aluminum and anodized for a lifetime of service.

NOTE: Some states limit magazine capacity. Please refer to our restrictions page for general guidance, and check with authorities in your state if you have any questions. If you are a resident of one of these states, we are unable to ship a magazine that exceeds the legal limit, or any accessories that would allow you to increase your magazine capacity to exceed the legal limit.