Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger System for M&P 2.0



After more than 50 years building custom handguns, we know when partnering with another company is beneficial to us and our customers. Offering the Overwatch Performance Triggers to our customers is one of those cases. OP has done the work to improve the factory triggers and offer a better option to those that want an upgraded trigger. These trigger kits have been tested and chosen for the performance they offer Ed Brown Products customers. Please follow direction provided and as always it is best to have any fire control components checked out by a competent Gunsmith.

From Overwatch Precision’s website: The OP TAC Trigger System is a patent-pending 6-Piece upgrade for your Smith and Wesson MP 2.0. Engineered by Overwatch Precision from the ground up, this kit provides unmatched performance you have come to expect.
Through progressive die manufacturing techniques, our trigger bar is held to the tightest tolerances to guarantee the most consistent performance and quality. This state-of-the-art manufacturing process coupled with a space-aged NP3 coating provides the end user with the highest quality after-market trigger bar ever offered.

Our NP3’ed carry sear provides a smooth, crisp, predictable break for the life of the firearm.

Our proven flat-faced TAC trigger has been adapted to this new platform and provides significant pre-travel and over-travel elimination, offering a vastly improvement over the Factory trigger.

The striker block is of proprietary design and replaces the chamfered OEM plunger that we found to create a measurable “hump” in the trigger pull. This A2 tool steel, Swiss CNC’ed and NP3’ed part creates a smooth pull to the wall and is made of A2 tool steel. The plunger spring provides constancy and safe operation of this part as intended by S&W.

What is included in the kit for S&W M&P 2.0:
· OP’s proven Tac Trigger shoe design
· 35% less pre-travel
· 36% less over-travel
· Patent-Pending Progressive-Die produced NP3’ed trigger bar
· OP designed trigger return spring with dampening felt insert
· OP NP3-ed striker block with 316 stainless spring
· Two unique 316 stainless sear springs for further tuning, (3.5lb red spring or 4.25lb green spring)
· All products designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

*Not compatible with 10mm or 45 ACP models**