Drop-in Barrels



Barrel accuracy comes from using the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. Ed Brown Products is committed to both. Ed Brown barrels are completely manufactured in-house by our own craftsmen, using the most modern CNC machinery and manufacturing methods available. The barrels are made from T-416 modified, gun barrel quality stainless steel bar stock, just like a benchrest rifle barrel. This is without a doubt the best and most reliable way to produce top quality barrels. No forgings are used to try to save a buck. T-416 is certified pure, there are no foreign materials, and no hard or soft spots to worry about. It is stress-relieved and heat-treated prior to final rifling and refinishing. Ed Brown barrels are precision machine cut from a 3 pound chunk bar of this top quality steel.

Our barrels are rifled by precision broach in the original six lands and grooves, one turn in sixteen, left hand twist as originally designed by John Browning. This deep cut, broached rifling gives superior accuracy with all types of bullets, including lead. No cheap, quick pass-through button rifling is used. Our barrels are heat-treated by an aerospace certified heat treat facility, and sub zero frozen for maximum strength and stress relief. This means more accuracy and longer barrel life to the shooter. We have also cut the dimensions to max tolerance on the outside of the barrel. This means less fitting work for you, and more accuracy. Gunsmiths and hobbyists love our precise, pre-fit dimensions on our drop-in models. This gets you on the range quicker enjoying the accuracy improvement your new barrel provides. All this extra trouble and expense ensures you the finest, most accurate barrel possible. These barrels are quite simply the best on the market.

The Bushing, Link, and Link Pin are included with all barrels. All barrels are cut to drop-in tolerances, and include a drop-in bushing. Some barrels are interchangeable in the same slide/gun. A 45 slide/pistol will accept the 45 barrel. A 38 slide/pistol will accept the 38 Super and 9mm. In some cases a different magazine or recoil spring may be required when changing calibers. Adjustable sights are recommended if you plan to swap calibers as the point of impact may change.

Download barrel installation instructions.

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