Recoil Springs



Make sure your recoil spring is correctly matched to the ammunition you are shooting. When you have the proper weight recoil spring for a particular load, ejected brass should land 8-12 feet away. If brass is falling within a few feet of you, your spring is too heavy for that load. If brass lands more than about 12 feet away, your spring is too light for that load. Either case leads to reduced reliability.

We recommend replacing the recoil spring every 3,000 rounds. Ed Brown 5″ 45 ACP Government models are equipped with an 16.5# recoil spring as standard (our part number 9165-G), while the 18# recoil spring (our part number 918-G) is generally preferred for heavier loads. Ed Brown 4.25″ 45 ACP Commander models are equipped with a 20# recoil spring (our part number 920-C).

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